Brentwood Estate - Garfield, Minnesota, 56332, United States


In Your Respective Homes, Suites or Apartments

Each of our rental units has some level of food preparation space.

  • St Francis, St Michael & St Anne - each of these houses has a full kitchen with full-size appliances.  All the cupboards and drawers are stocked with everything you need to prepare and serve a complete meal.

  • St Therese II - This suite has a partial kitchen with an 18 cu.ft. refrigerator, a 24" stove, a 24" microwave, and a single basin sink.  There was not enough room to install a dishwasher in this unit.  There are enough place settings to serve a complete meal for five.  This unit also has a limited amount of things like crock pots, waffle makers, etc.  If there is a small appliance you need during your stay just ask us.

  • St Therese I & St Joachim - These suites have mini kitchens with under-counter dorm type refrigerators, no stove, a single basin sink, countertop microwaves, toasters, and coffee pots.  There are enough place settings to serve a complete meal for the maximum occupancy of the unit.

At Mary Hill

Remember, we just purchased Brentwood at Christmas 2013 so many of the details of operating it as a Rental Vacation Destination are still being worked out.

Obviously, there are permits and licenses to be obtained before we can serve any food or drinks at Brentwood.

For sure we will have a complimentary continental breakfast (coffee, juice, pastries, fruit, etc) at Mary Hill each morning for anyone wanting to stop by and share part of the morning with the other guests.

We are also pretty darn good at pasta feeds, fish fry's and steak fry's and we would love to do a couple of these each week for anyone wanting to join in.  There would be a charge for these meals.

Sunset Wine & Cheese cruises on the pontoon and/or Air Nautique are definitely in the plans.  We will post more information in the future.

Nearby Restaurants

Leaf Valley Mercantile

2.3 miles North & 2.5 miles East

Brentwood Estate
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Welcome to Brentwood Estate, located just outside Alexandria, Minnesota on Big Chippewa Lake. Brentwood Estate is a luxury vacation resort with 45+ acres of property, over 2000 ft of shoreline, and has four lovely homes offering lots of privacy and relaxation. The immaculately manicured lawns, over-the-top beach, gorgeous floral gardens, and serene walking paths make Brentwood a true paradise on the north end of Big Chippewa Lake.