Brentwood Estate - Garfield, Minnesota, 56332, United States


Children's School House

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Imagine the excitement in your young children's eyes when you round the bend in the path and there ahead of you sits this cute little country school house.

Bring a sack lunch to eat at the picnic table and then take a few minutes to play on the teeter-totter.  If you'd like you can stay a little longer and "go to school".  I'm sure you can dust off an old lesson plan or activity you remember from your early school days.

"Harriett" the holstein won't bite so you can pet her all you'd like.  How about a picture sitting on her!!  No teenagers or adults please, we don't want to damage her.

OK, well you've spent enough time at the Children's School House.  It is time to continue down the gravel path to see what waits around the next corner.  Happy Exploring!!

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Brentwood Estate
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