Brentwood Estate - Garfield, Minnesota, 56332, United States


Billiards Room

Right next to the movie theater is the Billiards Room complete with a custom-built nine foot regulation Peters Billiards table.  Rumor has it that Minnesota Fats beat Willie Moscone two-out-of-three on this very table - NOT REALLY!!  But up here in central Minnesota everyone likes a little rumor every once in a while.  Unless you are really serious about pool, no need to bring your own cue (we've got plenty).  This is a very expensive pool table and the felt surface can be easily damaged by inappropriate play.  Children under 13 must be accompanied by a 19+ year old adult in the billiards area at all times. Sorry night owls - we need to get some sleep so the lower level of Mary Hill (including the billiards room) is only open 9:30am-10:00pm.

Brentwood Estate
11902 County Rd 12 NW
Garfield, Minnesota, 56332, United States
Call: phone: 1.402.203.2700 | Local: 320.634.6758
fax: 1.402.965.3514


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Welcome to Brentwood Estate, located just outside Alexandria, Minnesota on Big Chippewa Lake. Brentwood Estate is a luxury vacation resort with 45+ acres of property, over 2000 ft of shoreline, and has four lovely homes offering lots of privacy and relaxation. The immaculately manicured lawns, over-the-top beach, gorgeous floral gardens, and serene walking paths make Brentwood a true paradise on the north end of Big Chippewa Lake.